Terms and Condition

Assalamualaikum/Adab, Welcome to Minihaat. Minihaat is an e-commerce company that provides internet-based services. Following are the terms and conditions that a customer has to agree to while availing the services through the website.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions, a customer agrees to be bound by Minihaat’s policies. When a customer uses our website to purchase a product, his/her personal information such as name, address, phone number, address, etc. is collected and stored by the authorities. , which a customer pays to complete his order process. Based on the information provided by the customer, we fulfill his needs. Our only aim is to provide safe service to the customer. Personal information that Minihaat collects from customers is used solely to achieve this purpose.
You can visit this site without providing personal information.

Minihaat reserves the right to refuse service to the customer at any time for any reason. A customer may never manufacture, sell or resell any Minihaat products using their name without written permission from Minihaat authorities. I can take any arrangement of yours for that.

If the customer wants to create an account on Minihaat’s website, he must provide his valid phone number or email in the registration form of the website. Then the customer will get a password or one-time pin number or email which will allow him to enter the website and place the order. After completing the registration process on the mobile application or website, the customer needs to activate his account with a password of his choice. A customer shall maintain the confidentiality of his/her registered account and password. The customer shall be responsible for the security of his name and password and any actions taken under his account. An authorized customer must be aware that his account cannot be used by others. If for any reason a customer suspects that someone else knows the account password used by him or is using the account, the customer must inform Minihaat authorities. If a Customer provides any information that is untrue, inaccurate, out of date, or incomplete, or if Minihaat authorities believe that information is untrue, inaccurate, out of date, or inappropriate, the Customer shall be liable for such action. As an e-commerce company, Minihaat never supports the use of multiple accounts under the same ownership of different mobile numbers and the Authority reserves the right to restrict the use of any account or cancel the account which may fall under such misuse.

Product of Minihaat
If ever the product or service is in short supply, it will be refunded or exchanged only under the “Return and Replacement Policy”. Minihaat uses its maximum capacity to ensure pure products. Product color or size may vary due to display settings of the customer’s electronic device, technical issues, and display inconsistencies. If the customer receives a product other than the product he ordered and if it is unused, he can return the product under Minihaat’s “Return and Replacement Policy”.

Payment method
When shopping from online retailers, choosing the appropriate payment method is crucial.

Minihat will notify the customer after the customer places the order and the customer will be liable to pay the price for his order. Minihat offers several easy payment options for orders. The website has multiple payment methods for purchasing products. If the customer is having trouble understanding, they can be contacted via Minihat’s Messenger, WhatsApp, or directly on the mobile number.

The following are the payment methods of Minihat:
1) Cash on Delivery (payment after receiving the product)

2) Card payment

3) Mobile banking medium (Bishak, Rocket, Cash, etc.)

Transportation and distribution of goods
Minihat products are generally delivered in the following two ways.
1. Standard delivery
2. Express delivery

Standard delivery
The customer will receive the product within 2-3 days of order confirmation from the Chittagong area (in some cases it may take 3-4 days due to technical errors). The delivery charge in the Chittagong area will be 70 takas initially and 20 takas per kg thereafter.

Orders outside the Chittagong area will receive the product within 4-5 days of confirmation (in some cases it may take 7-8 days due to technical errors). The delivery charge outside Chittagong City Corporation area will be Rs 120 initially and Rs 20 per kg thereafter.

Express delivery
Express delivery within 24 hours is possible only in the Chittagong area. In that case, the delivery charge will be Tk 150, and then Tk 20 per kg will be added.

Order Cancellation
Before the ordered product reaches the customer’s hands, he should call the designated hotline of Minihut customer care at +018xxxxxxxxx number. If the customer chooses the “Cash on Delivery” mode of payment, the customer will not get any refund. If the paid order is canceled, the customer will get the product back under the advance price refund policy.

Return and Replacement Policy:
It is an unusual case for Minihat that the customer did not get what he asked for. Sometimes the environmental conditions are not favorable to Minihat, so there is a delay in providing the service as expected by the customer. As a result, Minihat has developed a return and replacement policy for its customers through which a customer can send back his/her damaged product (eg broken product, wrong order product, product less than specified weight, etc.). Because every Minihat customer has the right to secure and reliable service.

If for any reason the customer is unsatisfied with the product ordered and the product meets the following criteria, the customer can return it.

1. It should be reported to customer care within 02 days of receiving the product
2. The product to be returned/returned must be unused and unaltered with the product packaging and receipt attached.
3. Products that are returned or returned will be accepted subject to inspection and verification by Minihat staff.
4. Our return policy does not cover damages caused by the customer’s carelessness or improper use.
5. The product expected by the customer depends on the supplier. Customers will get a full refund if an expected product is out of stock
6. Delivery charges are non-refundable in case of cash on delivery

Return and Replacement Reasons:
1. If the customer’s product is defective/damaged or incorrect/incomplete at the time of delivery, the customer should kindly inform customer care through the hotline number. Depending on the condition of the product, the customer will be eligible for a return and replacement of the product.
2. In case of returning the product, the customer must inform the authorities within 02 days of receiving the product. After 02 days period, it will not be considered eligible for a refund.
3. The Customer will not receive a refund for the product until the Minihat product status is “Returned”.

Return Method:
The customer shall contact Minihat’s customer care team by calling +880xxxxxxxxx or by messaging Minihat’s Facebook page within 02 days of receiving his order. A customer has to send the product to his office address. After receiving the product returned by the customer, the quality of the product will be checked by the team appointed by the authority, if the product is in accordance with the return and replacement policy, then the authority will replace the defective product with a new product, or if the product is out of stock, the product will be reimbursed.

Minihat makes every effort to provide maximum service to its customers. If for any reason it cannot be fulfilled, the Authority will notify you within 24 hours by phone, SMS, or email. If Minihat is not able to provide its customers with the services scheduled and an order price needs to be refunded, the refund process will be completed within 7 days. The Authority reserves the right to cancel the specified order after completing the refund process.

Refund Policy:
1. The product returned by the customer will be verified by the designated team of Minihat
2. The product expected by the customer depends on the supplier. The customer will get a full refund if the expected product is out of stock
3. Delivery charges are non-refundable in case of cash on delivery.
4. If the paid order is canceled, the customer will get a refund of the advance price of the product.
4. The customer will receive a refund of the product price within 7 days of the product status is “Returned”. In case of a delay in payment within seven working days, the authority must inform the customer.

Order cancellation due to fraud:
Minihat reserves the right to cancel any current or pending order without any obligation if any suspicious behavior is discovered by the customer. In addition, Minihat reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders if the product price on the website is not correct and stock is not available. Before approving an order, we may require additional evidence or information. If any part of the Customer’s requested order is canceled or if the Customer needs more information to accept the order, the Authority will contact the Customer. Cancellation of any order paid by the customer’s card must be refunded to the customer’s card for the original amount of the order.

Any of the following situations may constitute fraud against the customer:
1. If the customer does not reply to Minihat’s payment confirmation message.
2. If a customer fails to provide sufficient documents for tracking payment details.
3. Misuse of another customer’s phone number or email.
4. If a customer uses an invalid phone number
5. If the wrong product is returned by the customer.
6. If the customer refuses to pay for his order.